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Photo of Brett Glass  1998 by Isobel Nichols. All rights reserved. Brett Glass 

Brett Glass has more than 20 years of experience designing, building, writing about, and crash-testing computer hardware and software. A consultant, author, and programmer  based in Laramie, Wyoming, Brett obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the Case Institute of Technology and his MSEE from Stanford. He plans networks, builds and configures servers, outlines technical strategies, designs embedded systems, and writes highly-optimized "inner loop" assembly language (the key to software performance) for clients nationwide. He is also an accomplished Webmaster and UNIX system administrator (he completed the initial design of this site and brought up the server from scratch in a single evening). He recently began the design of several specialized products to handle the infamous "Year 2000" problems lurking in many systems. 

During his long and eclectic career, Brett has written portions of the code and/or  documentation for such widely varied products as Borland's Pascal "toolboxes" and compilers, Living Videotext's ThinkTank, Cisco Systems routers and terminal servers, Earthstation diskless workstations, and Texas Instruments' TMS380 Token Ring networking chipset. When he's not writing, consulting, speaking, or cruising the Web in search of adventure, he may be playing the Ashbory bass, teaching Internet courses for LARIAT (Laramie's community network and Internet users' group), cooking up a storm, or enjoying spicy ethnic food. He can be reached via the "Feedback" link on this page. 

Photo of Isobel Nichols  1998 by Brett Glass. All rights reserved. Isobel Nichols 
Isobel Nichols, Scientific Illustrator, documents the distinctive features of newly discovered plant and insect species and creates detailed drawings for scientific papers in the fields of botany, archaeology, and entomology. She also drafts illustrations for patent applications. Isobel is an accomplished weaver and costumer, and has constructed award-winning reproductions of medieval and Renaissance clothing.  At YMMV, she does design, illustration, layout, and research. She can be reached via the "Feedback" link on this page. 
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